Headspin Hat with Triple Padding

While phrases like “triple-thick” are usually reserved for nausea-inducing burgers and milkshakes, our field correspondent b-boys find that for beanies, the effect is the opposite.

BY More Than A Stance
POSTED December 11th, 2009

When CypherStyles gave us a chance to review their “Headspin Hat with Triple Padding,” three thoughts crossed my mind: “Dang, $35 is a lot for a headspin beanie,” “Ooh, triple padding?” and “Wait, I don’t do headspins because I’m not super hardcore and don’t want a bald spot.”

Luckily for you, the beanies dropped in price to around $27. Luckily for me, I was able to find a few willing members of Risen from the Ashes of Atlanta, Georgia who were willing to let us listen in on their thoughts—that is, the thoughts that still made sense after they did a bunch of headspins.

– Calvin

“The first thing I liked about it was the black-on-black color scheme. Second, there’s enough padding, but not too much that your momentum gets absorbed when you spin on it. The mesh grips well so that you can keep centered on your head and still spin really well.

I’m a little worried about the durability. The mesh seems to want to come undone, but I haven’t used it enough to see how long it’s gonna hold.

Overall, it’s definitely worth the buy! It would be awesome to see other color beanies with matching color mesh.”

Overall Rating: A-

– Carnage, Risen from the Ashes

“The CypherStyles beanie is a great beanie to have. The padding is, in fact, perfect—there is virtually no pain at all. With other beanies, you have to move extremely quickly to reduce pain. With the CypherStyles beanie, you can start beginning with slow swing from your head.

The major flaw with this beanie is how durable the mesh material is over time. When I washed it for the first time, it was already starting to fall apart.

I hope to see more colors in the future so that I can coordinate with my outfits.”

Overall rating: B+

– Fathom, Risen from the Ashes

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