Breakumentary: ▲ Episode 2

RoxRite, Palmer, Keebz, and MIG187 discuss the art of paying dues and getting paid.

BY More Than A Stance
Music: Bahwee
POSTED March 16th, 2011

is a short Breakumentary series examining different perspectives of b-boying.

14 responses to “Breakumentary: ▲ Episode 2”

  1. Gesture says:

    Oh man. That was too dope. Loved it when Roxrite said “You should go by feeling and not by how it looks.” I also go by that. Thank you morethanastance for making this. Very insightful to know their perspective.

  2. Avid says:

    This Breakumentary was filled with so much knowledge man… It explains so much about life and bboying and how to blend the two in. Mad respect for Roxrite since he basically lives off bboying… True dedication right there. DOPE!!

  3. demonhand says:

    Respect to all the bboys doing what they love to do and morethanastance for spreading the knowledge! Too dope for words, very inspirational.

  4. Bboy FunkySoul says:

    Thank you very much for this. I think it will be more important in future for the upcoming generatoin and of course for all b-girls and b-boys. This i will show to my studends!!

    So once again, thank you for this and mad respect!!


  5. Rysha says:

    Just simply beautiful. Couldn’t say any other way.

  6. zillahwafers says:

    “i rather be doing this hard shit,than that other hard shit…im not doing that shit”

    LMFAO quote for my life right there haha

  7. Will says:

    Hell awesome perspective from the maddest bboys! Really inspired me to learn new moves and add my own style instead of copying it and perfecting it for looks!

  8. Little Bear says:

    Mig187 point on dancers approaching the dance with “how am i going to be dope” is a skull opener. Each individual perspective is really insightful.

    Personally, the idea that Roxrite points out that bboys being paid on the level and standards of athletes doesnt settle well with me. it reminds me of the history, the art and tradition of skateboarding. its like cases of shutting out local and home grown shops (in this case of skateboard shops) being bought out and over powered by big corporations (ex. nike, adidas). thus in turn watering the culture and over shadowing the history of skateboarding.

    that can most definitely happen to the element of hip hop in which we call bboy. i still like roxrites idea though. bboys/bgirls most definately deserve their share.

  9. […] see the word “skaterboarders” replaced by “b-boys” — especially when you consider that many b-boys are hoping to see professional b-boying emulate the model set by professional […]

  10. […] can watch the video in a new tab by clicking this link. Please let me know how you feel about what’s said in the video by commenting […]

  11. Skounce says:

    This is giving me the motivation I need to keep bouncin’ even though I gotta do it alone right now. Some amazing shit in here, it’s all so true! Thanks a million for this. Hit me up on facebook, any bboys here who can share some valuable stuff! or search Sean Charrie.

  12. BboyCritter says:

    I’m just totally inspired by this! I one day too want my job as a bboy. Well, bboying isn’t a job, it’s an art form not just a dance but also a lifestyle. I’m a bboy and I just mean to say that I don’t want to work as a factory worker as I am now making siopao. Lol I want to be like Roxrite living everyday and waking up every morning being able to break. It’s not about the money it’s about what you want to do, what you love to do. You only live once and you better do it coz you ain’t getting a 2nd life. These dudes just got me so inspired!

  13. MTL B-Boy says:

    That’s what it’s about…the passion !!!

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