Crew Name Generator

Need a crew name? We’ve got you covered.

BY Calvin
Code by Paul Rogers
POSTED December 1st, 2008

To paraphrase Dr. Dre, things just ain’t the same for b-boys. With concerns like MySpace pimping, YouTube obsessing, and overall Internet shit-talking and dick-riding, what b-boys still have time for trivial things like coming up with a crew name — or actually dancing? More Than A Stance understands your busy schedule. That’s why we’ve come up with this convenient Crew Name Generator — for the busy b-boys and b-girls of the world. Simply click the button below, and we’ll do all the work for you, and you’ll be ready to post your new crew name across the entire Internet in no time.

(This is a joke.)

39 Responses to “Crew Name Generator”

  1. Sufyan says:

    Supreme rythmn breakers funky fresh Krew

  2. rahzi says:

    some of the name is not bad! :D

  3. MaKROn says:

    Awesome program man!:D
    I just click it for fun:P
    I wonder if someone actually named their crew with this:D

  4. fordy says:

    i like unique elemental force :L i might call my crew sumin like that :L

  5. Anonymous says:

    names are good.. can you put more??

  6. KINO says:

    Boogie Ground Stylez …kinda special =)

  7. vick says:

    wow all these names r fruity

  8. Himself says:

    Elemental elemental elementz…lol

  9. Bboy - DzZ says:

    Soul Ground Breakerz
    sounds dope too me xD

    I am not kidding

  10. AlphaTrion says:

    Boogie Boogie Breakerz

  11. jizzzzzzzzzzz says:


  12. Mcfly says:

    USC: Unique Style Crew… im Jocking this one

  13. Anonymous says:

    u can use a crew name like bf crew

  14. annnonamyslol says:

    watttya dum 1 lolz nah da names are too long and da wordz are too gay

  15. BBoyRemove says:

    Fresh Style Kingz …Maybe Yes

  16. Doodle says:

    Ground Breakerz…def using that

  17. jerkinsofresh says:

    names are way too poser brah.

  18. Anonymous says:

    there is a crew called fresh elements.. lol

  19. YOUR MUM says:

    ur names suck except for ground breakers

  20. Jer-Kingz says:

    Jer-Kingz is mine not off of this tho

  21. At some point, those who win are those who think they could.
    To command is to serve, anything and zilch less.

  22. mistadrewzZzZz says:

    elemental battle elementz
    boogie rockin rockerz

    lack of origin and haha @ those who actually find these crew names tight now:D

    i demand a bboy name generator!!!NOW

  23. chantiqa says:

    Rhythm Floor Force <3 im usinq this now , :D

  24. duma says:

    elemental elemental elements lol

  25. liloubboy says:

    Soul Ground Breakerz <3

  26. Anonymous says:

    Tap that

  27. this sucks says:

    this is cr*p

  28. Mee!! says:

    Please Help Me To Get A Name For My Crew,, Unique && Vintage Name

  29. alondra c: says:

    AOT !! always on top !! cx

  30. naz says:

    Wtf, this shit keeps on repeating whenever i click the
    generator botton. LMAO.

  31. Mee!! says:

    ii Already Got A Name Fanx: )

  32. CHILL BRO says:

    Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha. IM HERE IN 2012

  33. CHILL BRO says:

    I mean 2013 lol

  34. Janyiah says:

    Unique Battle kingz……… maybe probably changing it tho

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